Garrett Cooper youshi10 at
Wed Jul 13 13:09:27 GMT 2005

Andrew Budiwaluyo wrote:

>I can ssh (and access http) to my server from the
>internet, but not from my internal network.
>if i turn off the firewall it still won't work so i
>think it's no from ipf.rules.
>If I ssh from an internal machine, I get the login
>prompt, but after typing a username, I am never asked
>for a password...
Ok. So assumably you can login to your machine locally first off, 
correct? Second off, are you operating between two interfaces or just 
one? I would assume 2 since you're talking about external and internal 
networks. So, you might want to check how your packets are being routed 
between the interfaces and the 'static' routes setup between your 
machine where you are currently located and the server.

As for the SSH... that's fishy... logging in locally would be the first 
step I would try in determining the issue at hand. Then check the CPU 
usage of all of your processes to make sure you don't have a runaway 
task such that your authentication is being effectively blocked.

Also, did you comment out some of the lines in /etc/ttys?


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