Domino 6.5.3 running on my FreeBSD 5.4 compat_linux

Marcel de Vries mdevries at
Wed Jul 13 11:43:30 GMT 2005

Dear FreeBSD guru’s,


I have a FreeBSD box running 5.4-STABLE.

Lately I’ve been busy installing Domino Notes 6.5.3 (Linux version) on my BSD box.


Made some changes to the install script, so the installation thinks it’s installing it on a Linux OS platform, nothing special.


Installed /usr/ports/emulators/linux_base and the devtools!


I did set an environment /compat/linux/bin/bash.


Set the linprocfs and the procfs.


I did al the right thinks for installing Domino!

Creating the notes user and group.


Setting the permissions on the map /opt and /local. 

Permissions and owner of the bindsock are correct.


In fact the server is running!

But in the initial face it did fail, because there was to few shared memory and semafores.


I did change my kernel conf!




#Set these for memory pigs (SAP and Oracle):

options MAXDSIZ="(1024*1024*1024)"

options DFLDSIZ="(1024*1024*1024)"

options SHMMAXPGS=262144 #max amount of shared mem. pages

#options SHMMAXPGS=393216 #use this for the 46C inst.parameters

options SHMMNI=256 #max number of shared memory ident if.

options SHMSEG=100 #max shared mem.segs per process

options MSGSEG=32767 #max num. of mes.segments in system

options MSGSSZ=32 #size of msg-seg. MUST be power of 2

options MSGMNB=65535 #max char. per message queue

options MSGTQL=2046 #max amount of msgs in system

options SEMMNU=256 #number of semaphore UNDO structures

options SEMMNS=1024 #number of semaphores in system

options SEMMNI=520 #number of semaphore identifiers

options SEMUME=100       #number of UNDO keys


I did put some kernel options from the handbook in my kernel.


Well the domino server is running!!!!!!!!!


But I’m seeing a few zombie processes in ps, <defuncts> ?


The Domino server has the webserver running, to config the server I can use the webadmin.nsf.


No problems!

But the real problem I have is  using the windows  notes client or notes administrator. If I’m trying to acces the Server document to config settings with the notes administrator windows GUI, I will get network problems, timeouts.


If I use the notes client and make an new memo and send the memo no problem, but if I want to make an new appointment I get an network time out.


I think it got something to do with transactions the domino server is making to it’s client on tcp port 1352. I think the problem is femafores and that kinda stuff, just not experienced in this.


I think my kernel need a different config, can somebody point me into an direction how to config my kernel the right way?


Using Inotes everything works just fine! Inotes is the Java webclient, I can view and add appointments and stuff without errors. So database access is ok.


Hope to hear from you guru’s!!






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