Tiago Miguel Amaral de Sousa tmas at dei.uc.pt
Tue Jul 12 19:36:32 GMT 2005


I am facing, for too long, the follow problem: 
I want to implement in my local testbed the PIM-SSM protocol (with success), the
diffserv model (failed) and the shisa (success). The problem is in the diffserv

It is possible to implement the diffserv model, with ALTQ, in the freebsd 5.4
release? I am asking this because I can compile the kernel (KAME) with the altq
options but when I am configuring the /etc/rc.conf file, namely when I enable
the ipv6_enable and/or ipv6_gateway_enable the follow error occurs:

in6_if2idlen:unknown link type (34) 
in6_if2idlen:unknown link type (249)
in6_if2idlen:unknown link type (244)

I know these are only warnings but when they occur I can not ping other
computers (only direct attached links) and the computer doesn’t make forward of
packets. If I comment those two options the warnings disappear but, obviously,
I still unable to send/receive pings.

Anybody knows what is wrong?

I´ve tried to install an old version of freebsd, 4.11, and another error occurs
(in all the computers):

ad0: READ command timeout tag=0 serv=0 - reseting
ata0: resetting devices

I don’t know what more can I do

I would appreciate any help


Tiago Sousa

Tiago Miguel Amaral de Sousa
Laboratório de Comunicações e Telemática
Universidade de Coimbra

tmas at dei.uc.pt
tsousa at netcabo.pt

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