Tiago Sousa tmas at dei.uc.pt
Tue Jul 12 17:13:00 GMT 2005



I am facing, for too long, the follow problem: 

I want to implement in my local testbed the PIM-SSM protocol (with success),
the diffserv model (failed) and the shisa (success). The problem is in the
diffserv model:


It is possible to implement the diffserv model, with ALTQ, in the freebsd
5.4 release? I am asking this because I can compile the kernel (KAME) with
the altq options but when I am configuring the /etc/rc.conf file, namely
when I enable the ipv6_enable and/or ipv6_gateway_enable the follow error


in6_if2idlen:unknown link type (34) 

in6_if2idlen:unknown link type (249)

in6_if2idlen:unknown link type (244)


I know these are only warnings but when they occur I can not ping other
computers (only direct attached links) and the computer doesn’t make forward
of packets. If I comment those two options the warnings disappear but,
obviously, I still unable to send/receive pings.


Anybody knows what is wrong?


I´ve tried to install an old version of freebsd, 4.11, and another error
occurs (in all the computers):


ad0: READ command timeout tag=0 serv=0 - reseting

ata0: resetting devices


I don’t know what more can I do


I would appreciate any help




Tiago Sousa

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