Dual Fibre Channel Host Adapter

Toni Schmidbauer toni at stderror.at
Mon Jul 11 22:24:27 GMT 2005

On Thu, Jun 30, 2005 at 02:10:18PM +0200, Valerio daelli wrote:
> we have a few FreeBSD 5.4 boxes on HP Proliant DL360 and DL380.
> We have to buy some Dual Fibre Channel Host Adapter for these hosts
> and we would like to know which are the best supported by FreeBSD.
> If you have any experience with Fibre Channel (e.g. bad drivers,
> bad compatibility) please let us know.

i would recommend a qlogic 2312 card. it's supported by the isp(4)

i did some experimenting with the qlogic cards / freebsd and had
no issues. but i have to admit that currently i've no production 
machine running with that setup. 

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