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Greg Barniskis nalists at
Mon Jul 11 21:39:44 GMT 2005

Alex Zbyslaw wrote:
> Paul Schmehl wrote:
>> I still need to know if it's OK to use portupgrade to upgrade 
>> gnome-related ports after upgrading to gnome2.10 using
> I think if it wasn't OK then UPDATING would have said so.  
> seems to have been specifically because of a major leap 
> in revision numbers (and presumably underlying libraries) in gnome.

That was my impression too -- that the upgrade script was only 
required for going from 2.8 to 2.10.

 From the FAQ at :
> 6. How do I keep my GNOME 2.10 components and applications up-to-date?
> You are emphatically encouraged to use portupgrade -- and only portupgrade -- to keep your GNOME 2.10 components and applications up-to-date.

One would hope that if the answer ever changed, the FAQ would also.

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