FreeBSD locks up when X-windows running (LONG)

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Sun Jul 10 21:27:27 GMT 2005

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>On Sat, 2 Jul 2005 at 15:09 (-0700), Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
>> No, I am saying your going to have to rebuild with the June
>drivers and
>> _see_if_it_works_.
>> If that locks up, well then as Nvidia wrote those drivers,
>you can call
>> them on their support line.  Please report back here and let
>us know how
>> this works out - a lot of people are avoiding purchasing that
>chipset or
>> boards with that chipset because Nvidia don't supply
>programming info,
>> and nobody really knows how well Nvidia is going to support us.
>Here's a followup report on the resolution of my video card problem.
>The card I got with my new machine was an Nvidia GeForce 6600 (at least
>that's how the system identifies it at boot time). The system
>would lock
>up once X windows was running, but with no error messages and
>not until X
>had been up at least for a while.
>After downloading the most current Nvidia driver for this card,
>building a
>new kernel with 'device agp' removed and telling xorg.conf to use the
>nvidia agp support, the symptoms still didn't change!
>So, I talked to the vendor who sold me the machine and card and
>he sent me
>another card that's not quite as fast - a GeForce FX 5200. I
>rebooted with
>the original (GENERIC) kernel, configured my xorg.conf with
>parameters for
>my monitor (Samsung ScanMaster 213T), using 1600x1200
>resolution, and it
>all seems to work.
>Although I suppose I might have gotten the 6600 to work, I
>don't know how.
>And using the 5200 card even without the tuning of xorg.conf
>still didn't
>give system lockup problems, just sub-optimal screen
>resolution.  So, it
>would appear that the 6600 card is currently not supported
>under FreeBSD
>5.4-RELEASE, unless there's just something else I don't know about.
>Thus, I'm returning the 6600 card and getting a rebate for the
>in price.
>That's where it stands now.  I have a working system.
>Thanks for the various suggestions I received here.

Hi Mike,

  If I had a buck for every time a similar thing happened to someone....

  I would bet that if you took that 6600 card to enough DIFFERENT
systems, you would find a motherboard in which it worked perfectly under
FreeBSD 5.4.

  And I would also bet that if I took your 5200 card to enough
DIFFERENT systems I would find several motherboards on which it
locked up the same as the 6600 card - and some of those would be
boards in which the 6600 worked flawlessly!

  This kind of thing is just par for the course in hardware and is
why the people at Dell and HP that select parts from OEMs for their
systems get paid the big bucks.

  I hope you fully document everything and send it all off to the driver
people at Nvidia, maybe they can patch around the problem.

  Glad to hear the system is working!  An ounce of stability is worth
a pound of go-fast gadgetry.


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