dd to unused partition (Hey! someone stole my foot-shooting gun!)

Lee Harr missive at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 10 17:25:04 GMT 2005

I am sure a used to be able to do this ...

What I want to do is copy an iso image to a disk partition so I can
boot from it and use that to install. Something along the lines of

dd if=iso of=/dev/ad0s1

but what I am getting now is ...

dscheck(#ad/0x200002): fixlabel: invalid magic
fixlabel: invalid magic
dd: /dev/ad0s1: Read-only filesystem

The running system is installed on /dev/ad0s2 and s1 is not
being used at all (no filesystems mounted or in use on s1)

How can I get around this?

I guess I can boot from the install floppies and use the fixit
floppy.... Ok. I will go that route, but now I am wondering
why has my favorite foot-blaster been taken away? And...
for future reference, how can I get around the block?

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