FreeBSD locks up when X-windows running (LONG)

Ian Moore no-spam at
Sun Jul 10 11:21:58 GMT 2005

On Sunday 10 July 2005 20:34, Andreas Kohn wrote:
> I'm using the nvidia-provided drivers because of the speed increase they
> give. nv works fine, yes...but too slow :)
> I spent some time reading through the posts, and yes, there were some
> very interesting things said there. Thanks for the pointer.
> For some reason, my system now works with 7667. No hangs, no NVRM
> messages.
> The only things I changed:
> - a lot of reinstalling 6113/7667, perhaps somewhere there was a
>   corrupted file that now got mysteriously replaced by a correct
>   version?
> - playing with modelines. I changed the resolution from 1920x1200 to
>   1600x1000, to gain a higher refresh rate. Before, I also saw
>     NVRM: Xid: 17, Head=0 X=1920 Y=1200 Refresh=75
>   which I regarded as simple information items from nvidia-driver. I
>   don't get these messages with 1600x1000 anymore.
> So whatever it was, it looks gone. Unfortunately, I can't give any tips
> on what to try :/

I don't know if this is relevant to your problem, but whenever I update X, I 
have to portupgrade -f my nvidia driver because it causes X to crash whenever 
any opengl apps  are run (eg glxgears, opengl screen savers).
If you had updated part of X recently, it may have been the source of your 

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