5.4-REL random reboots

Casey Scott casey at phantombsd.org
Sat Jul 9 20:23:32 GMT 2005

You could try healthd. It will format its out as HTML so you can monitor via 
webpage if you want. 

I have had the same rebooting problem on my 5.4 box, and it doesn't seem to be 
temperature related. If anything, its seems related to either network load or 
the driver of the NICs I was using. I have since changed NICs, and it hasn't 
happened again. At this point, the verdict is still out though. 


On Saturday 09 July 2005 12:53 pm, Bas Essers wrote:
> Hi list
> I've read serveral earlier postings about random reboots and a lot of times
> the advice is to check the power supply.
> Could this be the power supply in the pc itself or is it more likely the
> power supply of the wall outlet?
> The pc that's rebooting is brand new so i think the power supply in the pc
> would be sufficient for all the hardware inside.
> What i've tried in order to solve the rebooting problem:
> I've applied the patch for the tcp vulnerability as i thought maybe someone
> was exploiting that to cause a DoS but that didn't help.
> It seems as if the machine reboots everytime i do something cpu/memory
> intensive, but it also reboots at random when it's 99-100% idle.
> I now want to monitor the temperature of the CPU, memory etc, which program
> would you suggest?
> I've run memtest for a couple of minutes but that didn't cause a crash.
> Thanks

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