Problems since 5.3-RELEASE-p15

Tuc at T-B-O-H ml at
Thu Jul 7 23:14:33 GMT 2005

> >	I did the standard tests for 24 hours (21 passes) and it didn't fail.
> >I ran the 90 minute fading one for 24 hours (8 runs) and it too didn't fail.
> It's almost a shame when a test like this passes.  It's much easier to 
> just replace some memory and get on with things than be stuck with an 
> intermittent problem.
	Understood. This is a Dell Laptop that JUST went out of 3 year warranty
in May. Its still in pretty great condition, but if I had to start screwing
around with it, I might just get something else...
> Could something be overheating?
	I replaced the fans 6 months ago because it seemed a bearing was going.
(And we found SO MUCH dust inside it that it wasn't cooling properly. Now that
its clean, the fans even turn off at times!) Its happened on my lap, its 
happened on a glass table.
> Are you still getting random 
> segfaults?  Is there *any* pattern you can see?
	The only pattern I see is that it starts all of a sudden, goes for
a little while, EVERYTHING you try to do fails, I get the 
/libexec/ top: Shared object has no run-time symbol table
type errors, and then all of a sudden it goes about its merry way.

	I'm not sure what a "run-time symbol table" is, and if it gets
rebuilt at any time, or is something thats part of the program, or what....
But its not like one time it behaves one way, then another time it behaves
another. I'd think if it was a memory issue, it'd be something other than 
the same "Shared object..." thing each time. One time it'd be a bus error,
another time a "this isn't executable", etc....

		Thanks, Tuc

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