Bob Hall rjhjr at
Thu Jul 7 20:51:31 GMT 2005

On Thu, Jul 07, 2005 at 01:53:48PM -0500, Paul Schmehl wrote:
> --On Thursday, July 07, 2005 14:39:44 -0400 Bob Hall <rjhjr at> wrote:
> >
> >As I stated above, I used portupgrade. That means that any messages at
> >the end of the perl upgrade scrolled off the screen and out of the
> >screen buffer when portupgrade carried out the next install. One of the
> >problems with portupgrade is that you rarely see the post-upgrade
> >messages when you do batch upgrades.
> >
> That's an easily solved problem.  After you finish portupgrade, view the 
> pkg-message file in any port you have a question about.  E.g. % view 
> /usr/ports/lang/perl5.8/pkg-message

Aha. The instructions in the post-install message are not repeated in
the perldoc page. And the message does suggest using "rehash". Thanks.

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