ftp access Q's to ftp.freeBSD & mirrors

Robert Slade bsd at bathnetworks.com
Thu Jul 7 08:20:22 GMT 2005

On Thu, 2005-07-07 at 07:53, datora tehnika wrote:
> Good morning, all !
> Thanks for the responses & pointers.
>  [ DUH!  sorry about sending this out wrong the first time to
> a1poweruser; misread the headers in the reply-to ]
> I realize the intitial post was long, but I did clearly indicate that
> the FTP attempts were numurous using quite a lot of anon vs. anonymous
> vs. public vs. email addy username/password combo's at several ftp
> sites.
> THE QUESTION :  if I go to ftp.freebsd.org, and I attempt to login w/
> ftp software as an anonymous user, PLEASE : what username am I
> supposed to use?  What password, if any, am I suuposed to use ?? 
> Thanks for the recommendations on which packages to try, but login
> protocol/settings am I supposed to be using?  From a Windoze2K machine
> ..?  If I'm missing that at the site, I'd apprec the URL so I can
> figure why I'm missing that info and not have to bother you with
> questions this trivial.


Ftp mirrors etc can be found at

AFAK, logon is anonymous - pwd your e-name address.

You can also get the CD's from a number of sources eg ebay. They are
quite cheap and may save you some grief. The sellers are not allowed to
charge for the Software only for producing the CDs. 

Another way is to use a download manager there are a number of free ones
for W2K. You can leave it running and if the connection is lost, it will
restart from where it lost the connection from.

Here is an example:


Hope this helps


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