not-yet-a-newbie : DL (ftp?) iso image help question

nbco nbco at
Wed Jul 6 23:06:37 GMT 2005

On Wednesday 06 July 2005 22:48, datora tehnika wrote:
> Hi folks --

> So, I'm trying to DL the ISO images & have been having a very
> frustrating past three days.  Very minor fluctuations in the local
> connection (including power blips) keep wrecking the ISO image DL via
> web browser.  I'd like very much to use ftp (unless there is
> something better?), but have been unable to connect.  Am using
> winsock ftp 95, but all attempts at connection are being refused (at
> main
> site & various european ftp mirrors).
> What I see as my need:  how do I connect ?  Anon keeps being
> rejected, I have not been able to locate ftp instructions at
> website; only web browser links.  The ftp links (e.g.
> etc etc) don't work in WSFTP_95.  It is
> recommended that I use FTP software w/ resume function, but no such
> instructions haave I seen.  

Hello there,
To download the iso image, maybe try using filezilla,  a very easy ftp 
doze client. It has reasonable resume functions:

Or maybe get a torrent client such as Shareaza, and get the iso via P2P:

In terms of documentation, the handbook is the best place to start:

All the best

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