Nothing works

E. J. Cerejo edu07643 at
Wed Jul 6 03:25:47 GMT 2005

First you should stop with this kind of sarcasm, I
knew very little about FreeBSD when I first started
and today I have no problems configuring it the way I
want it yet yo claim to be familiar with unix and you
are having such a nightmare!  Something is wrong!  You
need to do some reading, not because it's FreeBSD but
because it's freaking unix, anyone would have to do
the same with linux or any other unix flavor.

You bought the wrong book, that book is not for you,
you should of gone with "The Complete FreeBSD" (the
latest one) or "FreeBSD: An Open-Source Operating
System for Your Personal Computer" if it has been
updated to 5x.

I'm assuming you were able to install freebsd since
you've tried to install some ports and couldn't, so
the reason it couldn't it's because you're not
connected to the internet, when you run make it tries
to download the source code automatically and because
it can't it fails, no code no candy!  Install from
packages instead, you should have most of them on CD. 

--- Timothy McLouth <mclouthtp at> escreveu:

> First i tried to make my own installation cd(s) from
> the instructions given, they did not work so I
> e-mailed for answers got two different answers
> neither of which worked so i bought the installation
> cd(s) ver 5.4...I downloaded the manual which is of
> little or no use due to variations in installation
> methods described in the manual and what is actually
> shown on screen...the ports collection came with
> it...when i use the make install command it tries to
> access the internet..then i get a message saying, it
> couldnt fetch,... try manually... error 1...what is
> the problem i would really like to use this
> operating system...I also bought a book for $47
> which is useless, the title is misleading..."The
> design and implementation of FreeBSD" is of no use
> unless you want to know what the processor is doing
> from start to end....what a waste of money......I am
> familiar with unix and still have my unix book from
> college, in addition i have a bachelors of science
> in computer information
>  systems...Im begining to believe that this is all
> BS unless i get some straight answers...
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