Linux move to FreeBSD

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Tue Jul 5 17:03:13 GMT 2005

This is the funniest discussion i have ever read. I saving these messages 
for future entertainment. I love Tux and Beastie pictures


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> Bob Hall wrote:
>> The belief that guys with red skin, horns, pointy tails, and pitchforks
>> represent the devil is a European superstition, not a Christian
>> doctrine. There's no support for it in the Bible or the writings of the
>> church fathers.
> There is also no support, except among BSD fans, for horned, 
> pointy-tailed,
> red-skinned creatures with pitchforks representing anything other than a 
> li'l
> devil. Saying it represents an invisible, oft-benevolent 'daemon' has very
> little credibility when the mascot was clearly intended to look like what
> two-thirds of humanity would recognize as _el diablo_, albeit an awfully
> harmless, cartoony one.
> I think I will give one of my favorite input & control devices, the 
> 'mouse', a
> mascot. It'll look a lot like this guy:
> ...but if anyone complains I'll just tell them it's clearly not an animate
> rodent, but is rather a stylized, anthropomorphic interpretation of a 
> computer
> accessory. I'm sure the lawyers at Disney will see my point of view. Hey, 
> if
> it works for Beastie the "daemon"...
> On a more serious note, am I the only one who has been getting hiccups of
> freebsd-questions mail from last year? I just got a bunch of traffic
> (including one of the previous incarnations of this abysmal Beastie logo
> non-debate) from late December, all posts that I had seen before.

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