fsck_ext2fs problems

Jaap Boender jaapb at kerguelen.org
Tue Jul 5 11:29:51 GMT 2005

> Are you running ext2fs from Linux?  If you are running it from FreeBSD then 
> try making a symlink in /sbin from fsck_ext2fs to wherever you have e2fsck 
> and make sure that e2fsck will be available when fsck runs.  That almost 
> certainly means it has to bee on your root partition.  (Or just copy it to 
> /sbin).

Yes, copying fsck_ext2fs and e2fsck to /sbin works - I've looked in
files/fsck_ext2fs.c in the port and I noticed that it only looks for e2fsck in
/sbin - hence the execve error. Thanks for the pointer!

I got the impression that Linux doesn't support ufs2 at all, and, well, I just
trust FreeBSD's ext2 implementation more than I do Linux's ufs one ;)


   Jaap Boender

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