Using unix mail with maildir format

dick hoogendijk dick at
Tue Jul 5 06:08:55 GMT 2005

On 04 Jul Vince wrote:
> Unix "mail" wont as maildir is not the original unix format.
> Mave a look at the nail port "mail/nail"
> It can/does have a mail type interface and reads maildir. 

As we talk about the original *NIX mail format I have a question about
mbox <> maildir too.

I'm about to set up a new (mail) system; pop3, imap supported
So I have a choice:
use sendmail/procmail + imap-uw -> the standard UNIX mail format
use the courier package -> gives me the Maildir format.

What are the pro's and cons for/against both mail standards?
Won't the maildir format with all this separate mails not be more
difficult to maintain?

I have to say that running courier/maildir never gave problems 'till now
but having the chooce I very much want some insights/advice on this
matter. Some reading points are OK too ;-)

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