Linux move to FreeBSD

Danny Pansters danny at
Sun Jul 3 23:51:18 GMT 2005

On Sunday 3 July 2005 23:02, Dmitry Mityugov wrote:
> On 7/3/05, Lane <lane at> wrote:
> ...
> > It truly boggles the mind at how frequently people protest the on-going
> > decision to use beastie on the public face of FreeBSD.  It's almost like
> > a guest who comes into your home and then starts redecorating!
> ...
> I believe there was nothing in the original question that would
> resemble "redecorating". It was a polite question about why FreeBSD
> had this "feature".

Yeah but he's right nonetheless.

> I am, personally, currently helping my friend to buy and configure a
> computer for him and his family. Although I know FreeBSD better than
> Linux (and this does not mean I am a FreeBSD guru), I'll be installing
> something like Ubuntu on that machine, not FreeBSD, because my friend
> and his family are religious men.

I know I shouldn't get into this thread, but really this kind of thing 
absolutely disgustes me. What if they want an all-white OS would you also 
consider that? Or a non-queer one perhaps. Oh, they already want that I 
reckon. "But that's not the same"??? Well, it bloody is to me.

It's JUST as dumb. Educate them instead of bending over. I'm sick of the flat 
earth anti-Darwin basket cases telling us what to do. It's not their realm. 
They should learn that not everything is their realm. Our world is about tech 
and that's not NOT about politics and certainly not about superstition, uhm, 
I mean religion. And I'd like to make a plea to the project to not give in to 
that in any way. But I fear they already did.

And one can argue back and forth but the logo contest *was* partly or perhaps 
wholly fuelled by that. Don't give me crap. Same with Net (they managed to 
get a nice logo as their new one, I like it visulually, but any and all 
symbolism is gone. It looks like a flag).

For optimum popularity perhaps ours should have lots of red white and blue but 
no horns or sneakers. Except if they have a swoosh.

Ahh, feels good to get that off my chest. Now you can flame along :)



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