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Eddie Colon ecr959 at
Sun Jul 3 15:02:09 GMT 2005


     I will be a new FreeBSD user as soon as I receive my DVD.  I am
a Linux user for a few yrs now.  I have a few concerns, I hope you
can answer me, I don't belong to any mailing lists.  I don't think
there are any user groups down here in Puerto Rico.

1-  Can you tell me if it has trouble detecting built-in
modems?  I have a notebook, an HP nx9020 and it's built-in modem uses
the conexant chipset,  My SuSE 9.3  had trouble with that until I got
a 3rd party driver from So, will run into the same
thing with freebsd?

2-  I have a HP scanjet 4600 scanner (usb)  that doesn't have a linux
driver... either from HP themselves or from the linux community.  I
can use it with my old windows desktop , but not with linux.  Can
you suggest any possible FreeBSD solution?

3-  Will FreeBSD  detect my Palm cradle (usb)?    I use my PDA alot. 
I really like Jpilot as my pda  gui app.  Do you know of other Jpilot
users that use FreeBSD ?

I think I'm gonna stick with freebsd, so I will appreciate your
answers, or suggestions.

Eddie Colon
Bayamon, PR  00959

"The best things in life are not things"

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