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Nikolas Britton nikolas.britton at
Fri Jul 1 23:02:59 GMT 2005

On 7/1/05, Bryan Maynard <bryan.maynard at> wrote:
> I read through your kernel - very nice comments, thanks a lot!
> I compiled the kernel and boot-up is noticably faster, thanks again!
> I would like to investigate transfering all the device info from boot -v to
> LATITUDE_C600.hints. I don't really know what most of the info from boot -v
> means, I'd like to work on figuring it out. Maybe you could help me learn and we could
> figure it out together?
> Any help you could give you be greatly appreciated!
> One thing of note: I don't have any sound. I've never had sound, but after booting
> with the new kernel I went into KDE's control panel and tested the sound system, but
> nothing came out. I didn't get any errors when it restarted the sound system so I'm
> not sure what's up.

Your using the wrong driver. the one you want is snd_maestro3. Add
this to your loader.conf file:

#sound_load="YES"        #PCM Sound Support      
#snd_driver_load="YES"  # Loads every sound drivers it can find
snd_maestro3="YES"     # Your driver
hw.snd.maxautovchans=4 #sets up up to 4 virtual audio channels on demand
#hw.snd.targetirqrate=36    # read the sound man page
#hint.pcm.0.buffersize="16384" #read the sound man page

After you do that reboot and retest it. first thing is to check dmesg.
dmesg|grep -i pcm and do the same for ess and maestro, you should see
that it was detected. also you should try
'cat /dev/sndstat'. fire up X and well, anyways.... if everything is
working put the driver in the kernel config file and comment it out in
loader.conf. I'll see what I can do about your other questions later,
right now I need a smoke and have work to do.

> I've incuded the dmesg output from the new kernel boot in case you need to look at it
> along with my current CUSTOM.hints file (maybe it'll help. . . :-?)
> Anyway, thanks a lot for the new kernel, it works like a charm!
> Bryan

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