help with matrox parhelia 256Mb with dual head

Paul Schmehl pauls at
Fri Jul 1 21:12:22 GMT 2005

--On Friday, July 01, 2005 13:56:00 -0400 Eric Ekong <eric at> 

> Initially the second monitor wasn't coming up at all. Now, with a
> minor change or two, I have the second monitor coming up, but it seems
> to bring up a second window manager that I have no access to..., the
> second monitor just kinda sits there in the default kde start screen.
> That along with the fact that if I enable Xinerama, I lock up X to the
> point where I can't drop to a virtual screen because the keyboard and
> mouse lock up as well.  If I've gotten this far I must be only a step
> or two away from getting this to work fully.
> Need is to have one desktop stretched across 2 monitors. Roughly
> 3200x1600 desktop.
> Do you have this working with the parhelia?

No, I have a Radeon X300 card.

>  If so are you using Xorg
> or XFree86 in ports.  I'm guess XFree86 would work in this setup
> better, but it is just a hunch.
I'm using Xorg and Xinerama - two 19 inch monitors - one desktop.  The 
problem that I have is that the right screen won't display until the system 
goes to sleep.  So, when I first login, I change the setttings to get the 
system to go to sleep in one minute, wait one minute, then move the mouse. 
The right screen then works as long as I don't log out.  (Locking and 
unlocking the screen works just fine.)

But the problems you're having sound more driver related.  Was there a 
reason you chose the Linux driver instead of the native FBSD one?

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