RAID Cards

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Fri Jul 1 09:55:47 GMT 2005

Simon wrote:

>Just because there is no monitoring tool available due to lack of support, doesn't
>mean the card itself is bad. 
You wouldn't be saying that if you had had one of your RAIDed drives 
fail and had no indication whatsoever that it had done so.  IMHO, OS 
level monitoring of a RAID is vital.

>The sad fact is most manufacturers don't receive enough FreeBSD demand to
>support it :-( I wish and keep waiting for this to change one day. I would be very
>happy then, but until then...
The sad fact is that most manufacturers are not prepared to release 
enough information about their boards for a native CLI to be written.  
Even a source code Linux driver would significantly aid a FreeBSD 
version, but most manufacturer's prefer to keep their dirty secrets hidden.


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