HTML mail - hypatheticaly speaking, of course...

wizlayer wizlayer at
Fri Jul 1 06:40:18 GMT 2005

I know this doesn't particularly pertain to FreeBSD, but I'm not 
sure where I can ask...

I started a while back on a set of filters to convert html, 
multipart, alternative email (any email containing HTML) to an 
"alternative" form of HTML.  From there, my intention was to 
convert it right back to HTML and reintroduce the HTML part back 
into the email before sending it on.  (part of my "mail gateway" 

I found that trying to create the filters was a severe pain in the 
arse because of the sloppyness that HTML allows (endless 
variances in the ways different composers produce it).

So as far as writing the filters, I've rm'd the project.

I still think the idea behind it could work, but I'm not sure how 
to go about it.  

Mail traffic as follows:

ISP <---> OBSD <---> FBSD <---> 2 desktops

OBSD- firewall/gateway
FBSD- somewhat of a mixed bag of projects, but includes an 
in-house mail server (sendmail/procmail/SpamAssassin/ClamAV) with 
relaying limited to the two desktops.
2 desktops - FreeBSD, WinXP

Could I perhaps filter out useless/malicious code by converting 
the html to pdf/latex/whatever and then convert it back to html?

Any suggestions welcome.  And by the way...  Personally, I prefer 
plain ol' text, so I don't want to hear it...  However, I don't 
see why there can't be a way for anyone to have their cake and 
eat it too (IE, my girlfriend wants HTML.  I'm not willing to fix 
her box everytime I turn around.  There's got to be a server-side 
solution - this my compromise!  :) ).

Thanks in advance,


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