system wide fetchmail

Ryan Rempel rgrempel at
Fri Jul 1 05:15:21 GMT 2005

On 6/30/05, stan <stanb at> wrote:
> I'm building a mail server for a small office. Under Debian I have seen the
> choice of setting up a "system wide" copy of fetchmail. I'd rather do that
> than have to start a seperate copy for each user. Can I do this in FreeBSD?
> If so, an anyone point me to some docs for seting thsi up?

What I do is run fetchmail from root's crontab, and use the -f
argument to point to a global configuration file -- something like

*/5 * * * * fetchmail -s -f /usr/local/etc/fetchmailrc

Then, in the fetchmailrc, I can configure whatever I need to configure
in order to fetch whatever mail I want (including from multiple
servers, for multiple users, etc.).

I think you can also run fetchmail as a daemon if you like -- as far
as I know, the only trick is to use -f to make fetchmail use a
configuration file that you can set up as you like.

Now, if you want each user to be able to administer their own
fetchmailrc, then I don't know how to do that without having each user
run fetchmail individually.

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