VNC multiplexer

Philip Hallstrom freebsd at
Fri Jul 1 04:59:24 GMT 2005

>> On 6/26/05, Anthony Chavez <acc at> wrote:
>>> I've got a client that would like to be able to connect to VNC servers
>>> behind a FreeBSD gateway.  Said servers are assigned dynamic IPs via
>>> DHCP, so port mapping (via pf) is not an option (AFAIK).  However, we
>>> intend to make use of dynamic DNS, so they will at least have hostnames.

I missed the first part of this, but would proxying the VNC connections 
through an intermediate SSH server help at all?

You could setup individual SSH tunnels for each machine in question.  The 
tunnel would stay the same regardless of the IP... and the VNC viewer 
would connect to localhost so you'd never really need the server IP.

Anyway, just a thought...


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