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Anton K. N. :: Kyliptix M.E.R.O. anton at
Mon Jan 31 14:58:11 PST 2005

Dear Sir/Miss,
Good day,

Thank you for bringing to us FreeBSD..

We are forming server hosting comapny and have plans for FreeBSD as our
major OS with other minor OS's but with our partner of Hsphere Contol
Panel said that FreeBSD has a problem with Java and TomCat server as:

Our Partner's comment:

FreeBSD 4.8, 4.9, 4.10 and 5.3
    We don't recommend running CP on FreeBSD, because it only works with
Java 1.3.1, which is slow as compared to 1.4.x. It also doesn't close
Windows connections, which can become a problem if your Windows
servers get hung several times. Finally, on FreeBSD Tomcat doesn't
stop correctly.

complete information is at:

Anton K.N.
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Kyliptix Solutions, LLC
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P.O.Box: 759, Ramallah, Palestinian N.A.A.
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