Booting FreeBSD-5.3 from NTLDR

Rakhesh Sasidharan rakhesh.s at
Mon Jan 31 22:06:48 PST 2005

On Mon, 31 Jan 2005 17:22:48 +0000, Joe Kraft <hishadow at> wrote:
> This should have said boot1, for all the reasons mentioned in the rest
> of the thread and in the handbook.  Sorry,

Nah! boot1 does not work either! I've tried ... I guess it might work
if FreeBSD is on the first disk, but it doesn't work if its on the

The only way I know as of now to boot into FreeBSD -- if its on the
second disk -- and you want to use NTLDR, is to use something like
BootPart to extract the bootsectors into C:\BOOTSECT.BSD and use that
in BOOT.INI to boot. Now why are things that way, is still a mystery
to me. :))

				-- Rakhesh
				   rax at

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