Cleaning Out Ports?

Nathan Wheeler mutati0n at
Mon Jan 31 18:33:54 PST 2005

I think portsclean does that. I can't remember how though. Its in the 
portupgrade package.


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> Well what I'm more concerned with is how would you locate orphaned
> dependencies after the fact.  For a parallel example, in gentoo you would
> "emerge --depclean" which searches the tree for any orphaned packages and
> removes them.  So say I hadn't used the -r flag when removing packages on
> BSD, how could I find the leftovers later?
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>> If you try to remove a package that has child dependencies, then it'll
>> let you know.  You'll have to use the -f flag to force it to delete
>> the package, despite there being any dependencies.  If you want to
>> delete a package along with all its dependencies, you can use the -r
>> flag.
>> Use pkgdb -F to fix any dependencies that might be broken.
>> I think that's about right.  I'm a FreeBSD newbie :)
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