Do I need to make /var bigger?

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Mon Jan 31 15:24:29 PST 2005

> I just got a new dedicated server setup with FreeBSD, and noticed that
> the /var partition is only 260MB.  That seems like it could be a big
> problem, considering all the logs will go in there, as well as mail. 
> What should I do about this?  Do I need to do an OS reload and have a
> bigger /var partition made up?  I've got an 80 gig hard drive, so
> space isn't really an issue.  Doesn't make sense to me that I've got a
> 77 gig /usr partition, and only 260MB allocated to /var.

Probably it would be best.

Another or additional thing to do is to have a large 'rest of the disk'
partition where you move such things as /var/log and /var/spool and
other things that grow in a less than planned pattern and make links
to them.

I think someone needs to rethink the default sizes that FreeBSD
install makes the / (root), /tmp, /usr and /var partitions.
The world has moved on.   On the other hand, I have never taken
the default sizes from the first install I tried, so...


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