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Christian Hiris 4711 at chello.at
Mon Jan 31 14:15:07 PST 2005

On Monday 31 January 2005 22:25:22, dick hoogendijk wrote:
> I lost all mail in transferring my system to another harddisk.
> I had the answer stored somewhere. Now it's gone. ;-(
> I want to run three virtual vmware machines on one host. It was
> something with different vmnet and the option custom, but I can't figure
> out how exactly.. Any link or info?

For vmware3 take a look into

In the virtual machines interface config dialog select type "Custom" and 
allocate your interfaces (/dev/vmnet1, /dev/vmnet2, etc.) to your vmware 

Some config and routing issues were discussed in the emulation list:


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