de-installing kde & Xfree86 from 5.2.1

Colin J. Raven colin at
Mon Jan 31 14:12:08 PST 2005

On Jan 31 at 21:35, Dick Davies launched this into the bitstream:

> * bsd @ todoo. biz <bsd at> [0129 21:29]:
>> Hello,
>> I am looking for a fast and secure way to remove all kde* things from
>> my system.
>> We are using this machine as a headless server and do not need this
>> "kind of things at all".
> then why did you install them ? :)

It's quite possible that the machine was retasked to another role. Or, 
equally possibly, the OP inherited this machine if he moved into another 
position/new job. Alternatively another admin could have installed the 
kde stuff.

I've seen this stuff happen many times before. Hell I've been bitten by 
it myself. If you didn't do it yourself it's an unenviable position to 
be in. Running FreeBSD here (yet again) clearly has advantages. Let's 
just hope - for the OP's sake that this stuff *was* originally installed 
from ports since, as you rightly pointed out, it's not a daunting 
proposition to remove uneeded apps.

Colin J. Raven
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Mon Jan 31 23:11:00 CET 2005
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