Ftp behind firewall/nat

eric wyzerski ericwyzerski at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 31 12:12:04 PST 2005


For a whole day I tried to make an ftp who is behind the firewall to work 
but Im not able. My ipf rules are:

pass in quick from any to any
pass out quick from any to any

So it is not a ipf problem. My ipnat rules are:

map rl0 -> 0/32

rdr rl0 X.X.X.X/32 port 21 -> port 21 tcp

where X.X.X.X is my external IP, rl0 my external interface and the 
ftp server. I am able to login and when I do the dir command its freeze. I 
have do tcpdump and I see the SYN packet goes but its never get answer. I 
really need help/advise
Thank you and please CC me the answer because im not in the list

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