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Mon Jan 31 11:11:23 PST 2005

Hi Rib,
What exactly do you mean by Darwin?
Darwin is an operating system like FreeBSD...

I think you mean the Darwin Streaming Server.
Here's a URL that might help you:


On 30 jan 2005, at 20:34, Technical Director wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I have successfully installed Darwin on freebsd using the ports tree,
> thank you nork at FreeBSD.org.
> My question is in regards of the whole operation, has anyone 
> successfully
> got this application to operate behind a natd firewall running only
> through port 80?
> I believe I followed the installation and setup but have the following 
> if
> I try to connect through a natd/firewalled port 80:
> Connection via browser with quicktime plugin brings up the quicktime
> control (using the <embed> tags as described in the manual) and a
> "Connecting" message. Then after a bit it outputs a "10060: 
> Disconnected"
> message.
> Yet when I connect via a browser not through the natd/firewall port 80 
> it
> works. Checking sockstat -c on the darwin server shows an active
> connection on the 554 port from the quicktime client machine...
>> From what I understood of the admin document:
> Ports used to communicate with client: 554, 7070 TCP -or- 80 TCP
> Ports used to send media through: 6970-6999 UDP, -or- 80 TCP
> Ports server will stream through: 554 RTSP 7070 TCP -or- 80 TCP
> I did use the MakeRefMovie (Win32 & Apple Only) application to create a
> 'reference' movie to the server. It still doesn't work.
> Has anyone had success making Darwin use port 80 'only' for streaming
> media out to the world from machines behind natd/firewall situations?
> Or is the only option to open up 554 or 7070?
> Thank you in advance for any and all help.
> Rob.
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