having 1.5GB RAM I cannot allocate more than 512MB RAM in 4.10

Louis LeBlanc FreeBSD at keyslapper.net
Sun Jan 30 19:41:33 PST 2005

On 01/30/05 05:07 PM, Giorgos Keramidas sat at the `puter and typed:
> On 2005-01-30 08:51, dkouroun at cc.uoi.gr wrote:
> >
> > Guys thanks for the help but it doesn't want to work!
> Actually, it works, but you are limited by the maximum allowable data
> size of the VM system.
> > Infact my data size setting in /etc/login.conf is unlimited by
> > default.
> True, but this won't work.  Even if you set datasize to a large number
> of bytes, i.e. 8589934592 (800 MB), you are limited by the internal
> kernel limit for the maximum data size.
> This is defined in /usr/src/sys/i386/include/vmparam.h as:
>     #define        MAXDSIZ         (512UL*1024*1024)       /* max data size */
> When the setting of login.conf is applied, the following code runs from
> `src/sys/kern/kern_resource.c' (the implementation of the setrlimit(2)
> syscall):
>     int
>     kern_setrlimit(td, which, limp)
>             struct thread *td;
>             u_int which;
>             struct rlimit *limp;
>     {
>             [...]
>             case RLIMIT_DATA:
>                     if (limp->rlim_cur > maxdsiz)
>                             limp->rlim_cur = maxdsiz;
>                     if (limp->rlim_max > maxdsiz)
>                             limp->rlim_max = maxdsiz;
>                     break;
> Thus, the maximum data segment size is limited by the value of
> `maxdsiz'.  The `maxdsiz' limit is tunable at boot time, by setting the
> "kern.maxdsiz" option in your `/boot/loader.conf' file.

What system are you getting that from?  I don't see that sysctl var in

# sysctl kern.maxdsiz
sysctl: unknown oid 'kern.maxdsiz'
# uname -a
FreeBSD keyslapper.net 5.3-RELEASE-p3 FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE-p3 #3: Sun
Jan 30 22:16:29 EST 2005 root at keyslapper.net:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/KEYSLAPPER  i386

I have the same limitations and the same apparently unlimited
configuration mentioned by the OP.  I also have nothing resembling
MAXDSIZ in my kernel config.

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