Strange question about the logo?...

cali calculus at
Sun Jan 30 07:01:35 PST 2005

> Can you tell me why FreeBSD choosed a devil as logo?

Don't listen to those lies about it being a daemon, they are just trying to 
trick you. It really is a demon/devil, and FreeBSD is forged in the depths 
of hell itself. In fact FreeBSD really stands for Free(Burning Soul 

Isn't it suspicious that FreeBSD is so stable? Ever taken a close look at 
the kernel source? What do you think all those modulo 666 operations are 
for? Devil worship, thats what, downright devil worship!

Don't worry about this, but exactly 6 days, 6 hours, and 6 minutes after 
install, the system starts changing, you must type in a special mantra 6 
times a day and commit at least one inhumane act and/or sacrifice per week, 
otherwise unstability ensues.

A soul is a small price to pay for such ungodly stability and demonic 
operating speeds. You read the license agreement right?


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