Intel E7210 (CanterWood ES) Chipset Supported (aka P4 PCI-X boards)?

Nikolas Britton freebsd at
Sun Jan 30 06:40:12 PST 2005

Hello, The first thing I want to make clear is DON'T FEED THE TROLL, yes 
I'm talking about you TM* I mean freebsd* I know that this 
questions has been asked many times here but it has never been fully 
answered because TM always hi-jacks the thread, ignore him!

What I would like to know is if the Intel E7210 (CanterWood ES) north 
bridge and the Intel 6300ESB south bridge (PCI-X, USB2, and SATA) are 
supported by FreeBSD. This chipset combo is used for entry level Pentium 
4 (uni-processor) servers that have a PCI-X interface. Will FreeBSD 5.3 
boot and run, even if sub-optimal, on these boards?

Also can anyone comment on these too?, All of these chipsets are used 
for entry level P4 servers with PCI-X, North Bridge / South Bridge:

Serverworks GC-SL / ServerWorks CSB6
Intel 875P / Intel 6300ESB
FYI If your looking for this type of board (Socket 478 (I removed all 
LGA775s) Pentium 4 + PCI-X) I have done all the hard work for you, here 
is a (complete?) list of companies that make them:

       Phoenix MicroATX (Intel 875P / Intel 6300ESB)
       Phoenix ATX-P (Intel 875P / Intel 6300ESB)
       NRL-LS533 (ServerWorks GC-SL / ServerWorks CSB6)
       IP-4PCI2E (Intel 875P / Intel 6300ESB)
       GA-8IKHXT (Intel E7210 / Intel 6300ESB)
       GA-8EGXR (ServerWorks GC-SL / ServerWorks CSB6)
       GA-8EGXR-C (ServerWorks GC-SL / ServerWorks CSB6)
       SE7210TP1-E (Intel E7210 / Intel 6300ESB)
       E7210 Master-FARM (Intel E7210 / Intel 6300ESB)
       P4SC8 (Intel E7210 / Intel 6300ESB)
       P4SCi (Intel E7210 / Intel 6300ESB)
       P4SCT (Intel 875P / Intel 6300ESB)
       P4SCT+ (Intel 875P / Intel 6300ESB)
       P4SCT+II (Intel 875P / Intel 6300ESB)
       Tomcat i7210 (S5112) (Intel E7210 / Intel 6300ESB)
       Trinity GC-SL (S2707) (ServerWorks GC-SL / ServerWorks CSB6)

Thanks for your time, Nikolas.

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