Image/Graphic viewer software - need suggestion

Joachim Dagerot jd at
Sun Jan 30 02:26:50 PST 2005

This is not a very freeBSD oriented question, but because I am running it on a freeBSD system I take a shot.

I have searched the net for a few days now to find a graphic/image viewer with these features:

1. Been able to show jpg and png files
2. Been able to resize the image to current window size
3. Been able to do a slide show with all images in a folder
4. Has adjustable time between each image is shown in slideshow mode.
5. Take network commands of some kind, preferrable HTTP but anyway to control the viewer from a non graphic environment is needed.

1-4 can ba handled by almost all viewers I've found, but the fifth demand seems completely unimplemented.

The software will be running on an digital frame I build, it has a network connection and auto starts X and a viewer. I want to control the viewer from another workstation because there's no such thing as a keyboard on my DigiFrame. (

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