network problem with emulators/qemu

Luciano Musacchio l0kit0 at
Sat Jan 29 22:45:54 PST 2005

I need to make linux (gentoo) run (emulated) under fbsd 5.3, I'm using QEMU 
from ports. I get host and guest pinged ok, but I can't make guest get inet.

There's one thing that doesn't seem to match the info I googled (qemu-docs 
says this too), when QEMU starts it doesn't says "Connected to host network 
interface: tun0", btw I can't distinguish from tun and tap, the man pages are 
almost equal(!?). So I've ignored this and go on with tap0 in my experiments.

Im using NAT in my box (for the 192.168.0 network), and this is the line I 
added to ipnat.conf: "map tun0 -> 0/32"... but I don't think 
there's the problem.

Please, ask me if you need more info... I'm totally lost with this one :/


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