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Sat Jan 29 17:21:09 PST 2005

On Thu, 27 Jan 2005, Bill Campbell wrote:


I wish this site wasn't referred to as a response to this question when it 
comes up.

All of its arguments are based in personal opinion, opinion formed around 
using elm. To quote the ports description of elm-2.5.6_2, "A once-popular 
mail user agent...". Most moderately modern mailers cope with reply-to 
just fine.

Use of the reply-to header, IMO, is related to the list type. If you 
intend the list to be an inclusive discussion and wish to encourage that 
then by all means include it even though Mr. Rosenthal finds it arrogant - 
its not his list.

Given the volume of messages in questions its probably not the best choice 
for this list.


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