2 quick firewall questions for FreBSD

Chris racerx at makeworld.com
Sat Jan 29 13:57:50 PST 2005

Andy Firman wrote:
> First, if one were to deploy FreeBSD 5.3 as a standard
> web and email server, would it need a firewall?
> I don't see the point because only ports like 25 for 
> smtp, 110 for pop, 80 for http, etc... will be listening
> and open for connections with or without a firewall.
> Second, I would like to replace my Linux gateway running
> Shorewall.  Shorewall is a nice package for managing the 
> netfilter firewall capabilities of the Linux kernel.
> Is there something similar for FreeBSD?

Let's look at #2 - Is this server running a WM? If so, why?

Best regards,

If the faulty part is in stock, it didn't need replacing
in the first place.

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