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>> Subject: Re: DNS
>> Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2005 09:20:37 -0800
>> Does it have a publically accessible interface that can be accessed 
>> via an internet connection, or is it behind a Firewall/NAT/Router?  Is 
>> UDP port 53 accessible if it is behind a Router?  Are you hosting a 
>> publically resolvable domain name?
>> T
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>> Subject: DNS
>>> hello
>>> i have finished of installing my freebsd, and i ran a DNS server (named)
>>> my DNS server listens only to my local network and it does not 
>>> listens to
>>> real world (i mean for resolving).
>>> how can i make it to listen to the real world?
>>> thanks

Properly formated:

ZaiD Dashti wrote:
 > yes i have a ADSL router, and i redirect all ports to freebsd machine
 > when i connect to apache server (from outside my network and also
 > locally) it work, but i don't know why DNS gaves me timeout.
 > there is no nating or firewall, only router, yes the udp is accessable
 > i'm trying to run DNS server, cuz i want to host my domain (just for
 > learning how to host)

Contact your ISP - if you wish to host your domain, you need to be 
authoritive. Most DSL providers (that I have dealt with) will not do that.

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