message for port developers

Phil Schulz ph.schulz at
Sat Jan 29 10:02:26 PST 2005

On 01/29/05 18:42, Gert Cuykens wrote:
> you know those blue configuration screens where you can select some
> configuration options ?
> Is it possible to first do ALL configuration screens of all the
> dependencies before building the ports ?
> So you know there will not be any screens until its done and you can
> spend the time doing something els ?
> Cant be that hart to do or am i mistaken ?

I'm not a port developer but I think you are looking for either `make 
configure` or the BATCH variable.

  If you know which ports you want to install on your system, you can do 
a `make configure' for each port (where it is availeable) and then have 
a skript fire up the `make install's. I'm not sure though if that works 
recursively, i.e. you run `make configure' for e.g. the Gnome meta port 
and you configure all the dependencies with that one command. Why don't 
you try it? ;-)
  If you think the default options are ok for you, you can add a line 
like "BATCH=yes" in /etc/make.conf and the ports will be built w/o any 
user interaction. Very useful for large builds.



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