5.3 interrupt storm (atapicam) and I/O error

ad5gb ad5gb at myway.com
Fri Jan 28 20:30:45 PST 2005


Not sure what to think about this yet but it definitely has something to do 
with having my ATAPI CD connected to the 2nd channel of my Promise Ultra 133
TX2 adapter (PDC20269).  If I disconnect the cable from channel 2 the kernel
will boot with atapicam enabled.  I don't seem to be able to use my 
motherboard's embedded EIDE controller with the Promise adapter installed.  I
don't see any obvious I/O or interrupt conflicts, but I also don't have too much
control over it with this old SuperMicro mainboard.

Seems odd to me though, since this all worked on 5.2.1.  Open for suggestions,
but for now I'm going to try to track down the SCSI I/O error problem so I can
get some CD burning done (critical system backups) and then I'll see if I can
try to figure out if this is an EIDE driver issue or a atapicam issue.  

If anyone comes up with anything in the meantime... please YELL!

Kind regards

Randall D. DuCharme (Radio AD5GB)

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Subject: Re: 5.3 interrupt storm (atapicam) and I/O error

I don't know whether this is related to your issue,<br>but on one of my boxes I am also getting an interrupt<br>storm with atapicam enabled.<br><br>On FreeBSD 5.2.1 I did not experience any interrupt<br>storm issues, even if using the same hardware configuration.<br><br>Have a look at the attached text file for a detailed<br>description ...<br><br>Olivier Certner schrieb:<br>>  Hi,<br>> <br>>  Could you give a look at my post dated 04/01/2005 entitled "Freeze with CAM <br>> (using KsCD)"? Maybe we have fallen on the same kind of bug concerning <br>> atapicam.<br>> <br>>  If you have KDE, maybe you should try to reproduce the problem I had. I've no <br>> time to test your scenario (the one with the EIDE drive, I don't have SCSI) <br>> now, but I'll try to reproduce it at the beginning of next week, in order to <br>> see if the freeze happens also on my computer.<br>> <br>>  Hope this will help us to progress on our issues.<br>> <br>>  Regards,<br>> <br>>   Olivier<br>> _______
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