cannot boot after updating to 5.3 stable

Mike Jeays Mike.Jeays at
Fri Jan 28 19:57:43 PST 2005

On Fri, 2005-01-28 at 22:35, Subhro wrote:
> Your problem is, somehow the mountpoint entries in /etc/fstab have messed
> up. As a result the system cant find the root file system. At the 
> Mount>
> Prompt type ? to get a list of all the valid mountpoints. Then manually
> mount all the mount points. Once you point the system the "root" it will
> straight go into the single user mode. You can then go into /dev and see
> what partitions are there. Mount the partitions manually and then open up
> /etc/fstab in your favorite text editor and make the necessary changes. The
> nnext boot onwards the box won't complain.
> BTW, you wont be able to open any text editor until and unless /usr is
> mounted. Because all the binaries (including the text editor, vi in my case)
> resides in /usr.

There is a primitive but usable editor called "ed" in /bin. It dates
back to the stone age of computing, and you will do better if you can
practise with it (or at least print out the manual on paper) before you
really need it.  It is there for emergencies like fixing up /etc/fstab.

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