HELP!!!: I've accidentally deleted /dev

Kris Maglione bsdaemon at
Fri Jan 28 17:50:43 PST 2005

Mark Jayson Alvarez wrote:

>  I was playing with file flags and decided to change
>the entire / hierarchy with "uunlnk". After doing
>that, I've cd into one of my file folders and then
>tried rm -rf *. It says operation not permitted. It
>worked. The uunlnk file flag worked. So I immediately
>cd'd into / and tried doing the same thing(rm -rf *).
>It was too late when I found out the the entries in my
>/dev/ wasn't affected when I chflags -R /. And then
>all of my devices were gone.
>I need a serious help now. Is there a way I can bring
>them back?
If you're using 4.x and have a source tree, MAKEDEV is in src/etc

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