Andrew L. Gould andrewgould at datawok.com
Fri Jan 28 16:34:24 PST 2005

On Friday 28 January 2005 06:25 pm, Pete Dela Cruz wrote:
> I tried to boot FreeBsd for the first time and I get this "Login"
> prompt. What to do? I don't know  what my login is. I don't remember
> being prompted or assigned a login during the installation process.
> Please help. Thanks
> Pete Dela Cruz
> petedelacruz at earthlink.net
> Why Wait? Move to EarthLink.

During installation, you were prompted for a password for the root user.  
This is regardless of whether you chose to add a normal user.

Login in as 'root' and supply the password when prompted.  If you don't 
recall setting a password, try hitting [enter] and see if it lets you 
in without one.

Note Well:  If you did not set a password for root, you need to do so.  
Once you're logged in as root, set a password by executing the command:


Best of luck,

Andrew Gould

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