cali calculus at
Fri Jan 28 14:46:35 PST 2005

In this book I have called "The Design and Implementation of the 4.4 BSD 
Operating System" it says on page 8:

"Software from Berkeley is released in Berkeley Software Distributions 

that's with an 's', that is also the name of the section in the book.

On page 10 it says:

"The commerical variant most closely related to 4.4BSD is BSD/OS, produced 
by Berkeley Software Design, Inc. (BSDI). Early BSDI software releases were 
based on the Net2 release; the current BSDI release is based on 4.4BSD-Lite"

Oh, sorry for not replying to all the people on reply-all, I accidently 
deleted the email so I'm just sending it to the list.


P.S: That book is awesome if you have the time to read it, I still haven't 
read all of it yet though unfortunately. 

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