dumping a samba directory

RYAN vAN GINNEKEN luck at computerking.ca
Fri Jan 28 13:29:30 PST 2005

Thank you this solved my problem guess i will have to use a different 
prog like tar do you have any recommendations on which type of archiver 
to use.

John wrote:

>On Fri, Jan 28, 2005 at 12:46:36PM -0700, RYAN vAN GINNEKEN wrote:
>>does anyone know how to dump a samba directory i keep getting this error
>>dump: /usr/local/samba/export/classic: unknown file system
>>Kilobytes Out 0
>Hey, Ryan!
>Dump is not able to work on directories.  The "atom" for dump is
>an entire filesystem.  As a convenience, you can give dump the
>mount point, but it actually bypasses the normal filesystem
>code and talks to the device file directly - it just looks up
>the mount point to get the device.  It understands
>the filesystem datastructures on its own and interprets them
>as much as necessary to build it's directory and datablock
>So - if a directory isn't a mount point - if it doesn't
>show up in a "df" or "mount" list as a type "ufs" and "local",
>dump can't operate on it.
>Dump is create, really awesome at what it does - but it doesn't
>do anything else. :)  It is really different from tar or cpio or
>any of the other programs that go THROUGH the filesystem code
>rather than bypassing it.
>>ERROR: non-zero exit from:
>>dump -0 -b 10 -a -f - /usr/local/samba/export/classic
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