Mouse and Touchpad with moused

Paul Kaletta paul at
Fri Jan 28 12:59:34 PST 2005


I have a notebook that has a build in touchpad. I also have an

I figured out that I can use both simultaneously when I have two
moused-daemons running, one for psm0 (the Touchpad) and one for usm0
(the USB-Mouse). (I might be wrong about the exact names, but I can't
check, since I'm not under FreeBSD right now). This way I can use both
"mice" in X and on the console.

But I wasn't able to figure out the correct rc.conf settings.

Could anyone help me out on this one? Manually starting moused can't be
the solution.

It also would be very cool if moused would start automatically when I
plug in the USB-Mouse. How can I do this?



ps: After writing this down, I just had an idea. Maybe the right way to
do this is to only set up the touchpad in rc.conf (obvious), and somehow
make the USB daemon start moused for the external mouse when it is
recognized. How can I do this?

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